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Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Traditional Fools - S/T (Burger)

Any band that starts their album with a cover of Billy Childish's 'Davy Crockett' has already won in my books and by speeding it up, making it scuzzier than the original and adding a surf touch to the proceedings just makes me even more excited to tear through this tape! Most people have probably heard of The Traditional Fools because of Ty Segall who seems to be up there will Mr Childish himself for amassing a considerable back catalogue either as Ty Segall / Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin / Sic Alps / The Perverts / Epsilons / Party Fowl and of course, Traditional Fools. Although he is drumming on this record and not playing guitar it definately fits in with his back catalogue and that of his peers such as Charlie & the Moonhearts.

Its a rough sound which sounds pretty raw but it really works on this tape, again sounding like a recorded practice session sans ANY overdubs and maybe plus a few drinks? However it was recorded, it sounds amazing in a way a week in a studio couldn't do. Along with a heavy surf vibe it also drags in a snotty LA punk feel which as their Make A Mess Records (who released the vinyl version) bio states 'The sounds of the beach blvd comp, redd kross, and ‘60s SoCal garage punk bleed through traditional fools’ blown-out amps' which i think hits the nail on the head. Its the past 50 years of California dreamin' right here with Link Wray riffs, 60's Garage punk from Pebbles compilation and a dose of early 80's LA punk ala Germs / Circle Jerks etc.

After buying this tape i fell for the charms of all the associated Ty bands and have lapped up his insane output the past 3 years, but this was my first and will probably remain my favourite but whilst you pick up this tape from the always insanely good Burger Records, grab the tape versions for his two solo albums, 'S/T' and 'Lemons' or the tapes they have done for NoBunny, Box Elders, Hunx & His Punx, King Tuff and The Audacity.

Traditional Fools - S/T

1. Davey Crockett
2. Snot Rag
3. T.L. Defender
4. Please
5. Layback!!!
6. Get Off My Back
7. Shredstick
8. Kill Someone You Hate
9. Valley (Of the Jams)
10. Party At My House
11. Milkman
12. All-Right

also - how can it fail with the cover featuring a burger with sunglasses!

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