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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Explode Into Colors - The Sean, Rocky, Zach & Dekum Tape

When i was younger and started reading about post punk bands, probably referenced from what Kurt Cobain had said about The Raincoats or Gang of Four in the NME, i had this really heavy yet rhythmic sound in my head coupled with punk fury, and what i first discovered was sometimes a lot weaker than the music i had imagined and as much as i grew to love PIL, The Slits, Wire, The Pop Group and many others, its Explode Into Colors that is the sound i had imagined and wanted.

This live set sounds better than alot of studio recordings and the playing is great, pounding quasi-tribal drums, MASSIVE bass sound and skeletal keys/gtr/vox on top. The track 'Wooden Ghost' has this repetitive booming bass line and tom heavy beat with just the vocals cutting though, leading into 'Paper (Hot Sax Version)' which starts all krautrock until the sax stabs start hitting. Some of these tracks also up the ante with a dance punk slant, almost like 'Intensify' by !!! (chk chk chk) but stripped back bare and without the uneccesary funk-isms. I need to see these 3 Portland girls play live and track down all their 7"s that have started to appear on KRS and M'Ladys Records to see if these tracks have transfered well in the studio. I would be really upset if the recordings don't have the heavy bass on them, threatening to blow my speakers.

The geometric artwork/packaging is pretty special too (see pic), with my plastic cover coming adorned with handdrawn purple,pink & silver pyramids and the tape spraypainted gold/silver with a pyramid in the corner.I don't know how many the band or KRS made but it seems like the personal touch went into all of them. I really hate long sets and self indulgent gigs but i'd still be happy with this tape having a few more tracks on it. Hot shit!

Explode Into Colors - The Sean Rocky Zach & Dekum Tape

  1. I Believe In Crystal Skulls
  2. How Adee Got Her Groove Back
  3. Wodden ghost
  4. Sharpen The Knife
  5. Paper (Hot Sax Version)
  6. Heat
  7. Train Station
  8. Purple

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