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Monday, 2 May 2011

Cum Stain - S/T (Burger Records)

Another great cassette in a long line of Burger Records releases. I think a third of all the tapes I have bought in the past 2 years have come from those guys, putting to tape some of my favourite records from bands like Ty Segall, No Bunny, Traditional Fools, King Tuff, Shannon & The Clams and also a whole load of bands I have never heard of before, which are generally pretty damn good due to the Burger dudes impeccable taste in music!

Cum Stain sit firmly in the second category for me, a band I have never heard or heard of before. The artwork definitely plays on first impressions, along with it being cased in a nice yellow (pee coloured?) case, with the fez and belt wearing penis hinting that these guys are not using this tape to attract the attention of one of the big boys.
The music throws up some snotty garage punk, heavy on the snot, with some good old Ramones-esque punk. Tracks like 'Slip It off/Slip It In' throws in some slight surf vibes with a nice line in caveman stomp, not too unlike some of Ty's early bands like Traditional Fools and Party Fowl. 'I Want It Now' speeds through amazing back from the grave riffs if played by The Germs and is my pick for stand out track.

Over before it gets started, this album understands that youthful exuberance and fun time garage punk doesn't need to drag ,or hang around. Get in and get out before people need to refill their drinks.


  1. Bachelors Life
  2. Broke My Dick
  3. No Hearts
  4. Big Mean Maniac
  5. Just A Kid
  6. Vicdumb
  7. Slip It Off / Slip It In
  8. Shoker
  9. I Want It Now
  10. Suckher 4 U
  11. Jack Shack
  12. Cum Stain