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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Jonesin' - For a Good Time (self released)

This tape fell into my hands after meeting Matt & Jen from Jonesin' whilst both our bands were playing a festival in sunny Sardinia. The sun had been out, the drinks had been flowing and we all shared a similar language which resulted in alot of mutual put downs and high fives at unfunny jokes, but hey, we were on holiday! If memory serves, i didn't pay for this and drunkenly demanded it after telling him how good my tape blog was? Sorry Matt, i hope this review makes up for it!

This tape is the second album from this soon to be married duo, who when playing live, sing and dance over a breaking down boom box kicking out their happy and carefree indie pop. Mostly it reminds me of this girl/boy indie band from a while back called Joy Zipper, who also had this sun stained California vibe with a few elements of the lo-fi twee thing that alot of bands in London do, like Internet Forever and Pens. It's also pretty cool to see a couple doing this together, sharing the love with synchronised dance moves!

This tape has made me smile whilst walking to work in the rain since returning from Sardinia and i will have it on standby as my motivator to make it to that early train on time!

For all things Jonesin' go here

Jonesin' - For A Good Time

  1. Been There Done That
  2. Paint
  3. Aliens 2
  4. 3D Glasses
  5. Wouldn't It Be Wonderful
  6. I Wanna Pass Out
  7. Bring me The Head Of Carlos Santana
  8. Vampires At The House Party
  9. WWZD
  10. Wizard Robes
  11. Look Don't Touch
  12. Skippin' Class
  13. Sunglasses At Breakfast

Weird Dreams - 4 Song EP (Sleepy King Cassettes)

Weird Dreams self titled tape is the first release for Sleep All Day Records little brother tape label Sleepy King Cassettes which has kicked off in good style with these four  garage punk / doo-wop/ glam tracks that are all pretty catchy, but with a romantic heart on sleeve kick to them, kinda like a late era slowed down Jay Retard playing doo wop, with a little hint of T-Rex.

There is also a definate mid 90's indie feel in the guitars but with really sweet vocals, especially on 'Birthday Blues'. After seeing their first gig, it became apparent that they only recorded these 4 songs as this is all they have written so far, and it was all they played in their 10-15 minute set. But it is always better when i'm left wanting more than beeing bored by 45 min wig outs by bands who no one knows or cares about yet. I'm looking forward for more Weird Dreams soon.

Only 50 copies from SAD or Rough Trade

Weird Dreams - EP (Sleepy King)

  1. Hurt So Bad
  2. Where'd I Go Wrong
  3. Birthday Blues
  4. Little Girl

  Where'd I Go Wrong? by Weird Dreams

  Weird Dreams - Hurt So Bad by Brattwell Recordings

Mazes - Mixtape

I have to start by giving the IBB blurb which describes this tape as:

'In the tradition of Sebadohs 'The Freed Weed' and the series of Fucked Up mixtapes, Italian Beach Babes will be releasing a 30 track mixtape of covers, acoustic versions, alternative takes, samples and ideas from the band Mazes.'

And this tape does exactly what it says on the can, with loads of tracks culled from loads of different sessions and ideas. Kicking straight off is 'Huffing NV' which is basically just Jack with his guitar plugged in which then quickly moves into 'Church Street' with its distorto keyboard refrain and fuzzy backing vox that barely lasts a full minute. All these 30 tracks keeping on going like this, a non stop mix of full band studio takes,  bedroom 1 man takes and over fuzzed home recordings.

There is definately two great albums worth of ideas on here and i'm really glad these recordings are coming out now, like a pre-emptive 'Suitcase' for the UK's answer to Robert Pollard. The are definate Guided By Voices-isms on here, but not in an American lo-fi way, more so in the way that the tape flows with everything thrown in for the listener to wade through, letting your favourites climb out of the speakers themselves. Also, the version of 'Bowie Knives' on here is my favourite, what can i say, less is sometimes more!

Buy from Italian Beach Babes, only 50 copies on lilac cassette.

Mazes - Mixtape (Italian Beach Babes)

1. Huffing NV
2. Church Street
3. Urgh
4. I Don't Wanna Know
5. Bowie Knife One
6. Shuffle Board
7. A Metric Tower
8. Athens Song
9. What D'Ya Reckon
10. I Don't Know What's Wrong
11. I'm A Smoker
12. No Way
13. Iz It?
14. Checkers
15. Jarin & Jay Don't Like This
16. Sand On Your Neck
17. Munchkins
18. Temperton Tecker
19. Jump
20. Illegitimate Love
21. Urgh x 100
22. Shit Priest
23. Don't Worry Baby
24. Dire Strait's Brothers In Arms
25. Vampire Jive 1
26. Fingers
27. Amelie
28. Eva
29. Till I'm Dead
30. Danny Elfman

Don't Worry Baby - Mazes by Suffering Jukebox

Clorox Girls - Demos, Rarities and Early 7"s (Burger)

I love this band. Watching them live is so fun with obligatory crowd surfing, Black Flag covers and fun time mayhems, whilst their 'This Dimension' LP was top my 2006/7 jams. This tape collects together songs from 7"s, alt versions of songs you may already know and love and some stuff i have never heard.

If you are new to the Clorox Girls then this tape is for you, with a perfect of mix Ramones punk, the snotty-ness of early Red Kross and the Germs with the power pop of the Exploding Hearts. Its a killer mix, with most of their songs making great hook filled A-sides. The one constant in the band is Justin who has also moonlighted in a hundred great punk bands whilst travelling the world, and on here he has taken his experiences and  recorded one of the tracks in three different languages, German, Spanish and Italian (i think?). The acoustic demos at the end are well recorded and not throw away in the least, whilst the alternative take of 'Hitman' is a fuzzed out and less clear version, but still super fun.

I have always loved the Clorox Girls and always thought it was shame they were not as appreciated as i thought they should be, but for any fan, this tape will be a great collection addition, and for any newcomers it's a great start. Well done Burger for keeping up the quality!


  1. Baby
  2. Get Away
  3. Hitman
  4. Trashy Daydream
  5. This Dimension
  6. Animal Eyes
  7. Eva Braun
  8. In My Mouth
  9. Walk The Streets
  10. Novacaine
  11. Trashy Daydream 2
  12. Nicht Miene Stadt
  13. Mi Cuidad Natal
  14. Minha Cidade Natal
  15. Genocide (demo)
  16. Bad Girls (demo)
  17. Marina's Vampire