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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Jonesin' - For a Good Time (self released)

This tape fell into my hands after meeting Matt & Jen from Jonesin' whilst both our bands were playing a festival in sunny Sardinia. The sun had been out, the drinks had been flowing and we all shared a similar language which resulted in alot of mutual put downs and high fives at unfunny jokes, but hey, we were on holiday! If memory serves, i didn't pay for this and drunkenly demanded it after telling him how good my tape blog was? Sorry Matt, i hope this review makes up for it!

This tape is the second album from this soon to be married duo, who when playing live, sing and dance over a breaking down boom box kicking out their happy and carefree indie pop. Mostly it reminds me of this girl/boy indie band from a while back called Joy Zipper, who also had this sun stained California vibe with a few elements of the lo-fi twee thing that alot of bands in London do, like Internet Forever and Pens. It's also pretty cool to see a couple doing this together, sharing the love with synchronised dance moves!

This tape has made me smile whilst walking to work in the rain since returning from Sardinia and i will have it on standby as my motivator to make it to that early train on time!

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Jonesin' - For A Good Time

  1. Been There Done That
  2. Paint
  3. Aliens 2
  4. 3D Glasses
  5. Wouldn't It Be Wonderful
  6. I Wanna Pass Out
  7. Bring me The Head Of Carlos Santana
  8. Vampires At The House Party
  9. WWZD
  10. Wizard Robes
  11. Look Don't Touch
  12. Skippin' Class
  13. Sunglasses At Breakfast

1 comment:

  1. I love this tape, it's a perfect Summer tape and I've been playing the shit out of it..