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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Living Eyes - S/T (Saturno Records)

I haven't quite worked out yet if this is an actual tape release or just a hand taped copy of the 7" that Australia's Living Eyes just put out on Saturno Records of Spain? It would make sense as the tape is a normal blank C60 variety with the tracks taped onto one side and the cover being a cheap photocopy job.

Either way, despite this being a real release or not, it was sent very nicely across a large ocean and the music is pretty good. It follows the Nuggets / Pebbles style of 60's Garage music but with less punk and a more R'n'B edge. The lack of punk aggression really surprised me as a quick Google search showed The Living Eyes looking like they share an average age of 18! I'm into it though, all the licks are in the right place, just wish it was a little angrier or more dangerous in places? Seriously though, do the blind test on me and i couldn't have told you they weren't on some collection of obscure 60's garage bands. Excited to hear what happens next.


  1. Livin'
  2. Thinking of You
  3. That Song We Sing
  4. A Mind In My Own
  5. Crash
  6. Livin' (demo)
  7. Instrumental No.2 (demo)

V/A - Nothing Short of Total War -Part One (Blast First)

Man, this tape had such a formative influence on me. Contained on this little plastic box with the Savage Pencil artwork and bright Blast First explosion logo was a who's who of late 80's American Indie Rock. Releases in 1989, this tape had staples of my musical diet such as Sonic Youth, Big Black, Rapeman, Dinosaur Jnr, Butthole Sufers, Arsenal and Ciccone Youth. It also introduced me to the klang and clamor of bands such as UT, Head of David, Big Stick and AC Temple. 

I have seen this tape and LP in many a fine second hand record shop for pretty cheap prices. You will know by the list of names above if this is needed in your collection or not. Total War = Total Classic.

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Thank you Wandsworth Salvation Army

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Tapelove is Back from the Grave!

To anyone that reads this blog, and especially all the people who sent in tapes, big apologies on the 3 month silence. My beloved tape deck stopped working, so i have just got a replacement Walkman until the deck is back up and running. This means i have a back up of around 25 tapes to get up on here which i will do as quickly as possible!

I will also be putting up pictures of old classic tapes from my collection or that i stumble across on my travels, including these two classics from the 'S' section.