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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Coconut Coolouts - Cult Doughnuts (Scotch Tapes)

From the get go the Coconut Coolouts pile straight into some cretin rock that fuses a little of the Ramones punk stomp with some organ fuzz of the Mummies. The song titles on this singles collection also hints heavily to what you would expect with tracks like 'Pizzafest', 'Nerd Holocaust', 'Punk House Part 1' and 'Pizza Regret'. They definitely share ground with current bands like Mean Jeans and Personal & The Pizza's with some garage punk, some power-pop, touch of glam and a love for pizza and monsters.

I have had this on the review shelf for ages (along with a bunch of Scotch Tapes releases that need reviewing)and as soon as i put it in to listen to, i felt like i knew the songs already. I cannot have listened to it more than 2 or 3 times in the past year but here i am singing along whilst doing the washing up and humming the chorus' whilst playing with the cat. It is infectious to a fault and will no doubt be ringing through the mass of empty space between my ears for days to come.

The recordings are pretty primitive on some tracks, but then they list Captain Caveman as inspiration, and if he manned the mixing desk then it would make total sense, maybe only in my head,to get that authentic primitive cave stomp going on.

As there seems to be only a handful of 7"s and one LP to the CC's credit, this tape is a perfect jumping off point and is both good for social dance parties and bedroom hair brush/mirror sessions.
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  1. Intro
  2. The Spinaround
  3. Pizzafest
  4. The Monsters Crash
  5. Do The Dolphin
  6. Spell It Out Dummy
  7. We Drink Blood
  8. Pizza Regret
  9. The Last Man That You Will Ever See
  10. I Want To Come Back From The World of LSD
  11. Mary Anne
  12. Intro Part 2
  13. Punk House Part 1
  14. Nerd Holocaust
  15. Yeah, Right?
  16. Swim
  17. Messed Up Man
coconut coolouts music video from craig downing on Vimeo.