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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Clorox Girls - Demos, Rarities and Early 7"s (Burger)

I love this band. Watching them live is so fun with obligatory crowd surfing, Black Flag covers and fun time mayhems, whilst their 'This Dimension' LP was top my 2006/7 jams. This tape collects together songs from 7"s, alt versions of songs you may already know and love and some stuff i have never heard.

If you are new to the Clorox Girls then this tape is for you, with a perfect of mix Ramones punk, the snotty-ness of early Red Kross and the Germs with the power pop of the Exploding Hearts. Its a killer mix, with most of their songs making great hook filled A-sides. The one constant in the band is Justin who has also moonlighted in a hundred great punk bands whilst travelling the world, and on here he has taken his experiences and  recorded one of the tracks in three different languages, German, Spanish and Italian (i think?). The acoustic demos at the end are well recorded and not throw away in the least, whilst the alternative take of 'Hitman' is a fuzzed out and less clear version, but still super fun.

I have always loved the Clorox Girls and always thought it was shame they were not as appreciated as i thought they should be, but for any fan, this tape will be a great collection addition, and for any newcomers it's a great start. Well done Burger for keeping up the quality!


  1. Baby
  2. Get Away
  3. Hitman
  4. Trashy Daydream
  5. This Dimension
  6. Animal Eyes
  7. Eva Braun
  8. In My Mouth
  9. Walk The Streets
  10. Novacaine
  11. Trashy Daydream 2
  12. Nicht Miene Stadt
  13. Mi Cuidad Natal
  14. Minha Cidade Natal
  15. Genocide (demo)
  16. Bad Girls (demo)
  17. Marina's Vampire

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