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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pens / Male Bonding / Graffiti Island split tape (Italian Beach Babes)

It's pretty ridiculous to write about close friends bands without sounding like a gushing fool harking on about how important they are so i will keep this short and sweet. 2009 was a pretty amazing year in music for me as it was the first time in years that i felt England had bands to rival anywhere else, and this tape seemed to be the milemarker for what was to come. It doesn't mean it influenced everyone else who came after but it was a good starting point at least.

18 months on since this tape was made we have had Male Bonding sign to Sub Pop, release a ton of split 7"s and play some of the best, stage invaded beer sodden show. Pens released an album on Di Stijl, toured America with G.I and quit a Slits tour slot and Graffiti island again toured America with Pens, released some amazing 7"s and had a mariachi band cover their songs in an old fire station in Stoke Newington. It's more than i expected, probably more than they expected too.

If you didn't get this tape then get the Pens LP which has 'Freddie' on it, look forward to the Male Bonding debut Lp in a couple of months and grab Graffiti Island's one sided 7" repress of the songs from this tape with a snake skinned B side? on Fin Du Monde records.

I love this tape, i love these bands. It was all worth it.


  1. Freddie
  2. I heart U


  1. Some Power Issues
  2. Full Bonding


  1. Demonic Cat
  2. Pet Snake

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