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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Black Time - Eine Kleine Trashmusik (self released)

The 3rd and final (for now) Black Time tape is another live tape but this time without a live audience, instead its a radio session for Planet Beet Radio with a 4 piece line up which to my limited knowledge didnt last too long. I like the extra person on here, which beefs up some of the tracks although i probably wouldn't be able to tell you which i prefered, both good, but they're not Led Zeppelin so either way works for me.

I don't have all the Black Time records, there is alot to get through, hence why the Greatest Hits tape was handy for getting alot of great songs from out of print 7"s and LP's, but apparently this has 7 un-released tracks for all the collectors out there. I don't know which ones are old or new but it flows and its a worthwhile session to be slapped on a cassette. I've put the stats below again lifted from the bands myspace:-

'tour tape 1: eine kleine trash musik – 10 songs. 15 minutes. document of a 2008 radio session somewhat fucked with at rocket reducers. rare capturing of the short-lived 4-piece line-up on tape. Includes 7 brand new songs unlikely to be heard anywhere else.'


  1. Contract
  2. Infestation
  3. You Make Me
  4. Glass Shatters
  5. Link Wray
  6. A Radio In The Dark
  7. Classical Mess
  8. No Love Lost
  9. Fucked Up In The Head
  10. You Dont Love Me

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