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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Black Time - East Bay Rays (self released)

I thought i would clear out these two Black Time tapes for review as i had already written about the Greatest Hits and had a Black Time afternoon tearing through these tapes. I'll start with the East Bay Rays tape which was a tour tape in edition of 50 for their USA tour with a few coming back to the motherland.

As with the other tapes they have kicked out, it has gone through the rocket reducers process which i suspect is Lemmy Cautions bedroom armed with reverb/delay/echo. 13 tracks that sound surprisingly clear, probably because it was recorded from the desk and not just recorded on a dictaphone by a guy at the bar. This is what the guys and gals had to say themselves :-

'tour tape 2: east bay rays - 13 songs. 20 minutes. desk recording of a 2007 show in oakland, california heavily fucked with at rocket reducers to produce something along the lines of john's children's 'orgasm!' album disaster put through a noise/dub mangle. includes us annihilating "california sun" by the rivieras. i did learn the notes…they just escaped me on the night…. '

Message the band at their myspace to see if they have any of these left, its how i got them.


  1. Black Time Pt.1
  2. Catholic Discipline
  3. Middle Class
  4. Rocket Rumble
  5. Link Wray
  6. Midnight World
  7. Feel So Bad
  8. Cold Lips Taste Better
  9. Beat Of The Traps
  10. Downtown
  11. Office Suicide
  12. Crawlin'
  13. California Sun

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