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Saturday, 9 January 2010

NODZZZ - Live New Years Eve 12.31.08

An awesome dictaphone style recording of a Nodzzz New Years gig which could be bought from their blog (nodzzz.blogspot.com) or given away to the lucky first 100 people to pre-order the 'True To Life/Good Times Crowd' 7" on Whats Your Rupture. I think i read that Grass Widow, Brilliant Colours, Finally Punk & Sex Vid also played, i just wish i had a copy of all those sets on tape. The sound is pretty good too, but i reckon this was probably a one mic job in the audience rather than a semi-pro sound desk recording.

Unlike alot of live recordings they haven't cut the between songs banter which is pretty funny on this tape, mainly drunken mic-talk and taunts for not playing the marijuana song from the audience and then from the band themselves! Half of the set is from their amazing self titled LP with the songs from both their 7"s minus 'I Dont Wanna Smoke Marijuana'. I don't know if they have any of these left at Whats Your Rupture? but its really worth tracking down a copy if you are Nodzzz fan or you have a love for drunken fun time indie-punk!

Side One
  1. Is She There?
  2. We Are The Only Animals
  3. Controlled Karaoke
  4. In The City (Contact High)
Side Two
  1. I Have Bad News
  2. Old Clothes
  3. True To Life / Art School
  4. Good Times Crowd

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