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Saturday, 9 January 2010

GERMAN MEASLES - Demos (Captured Tracks)

This little 8 song tape was probably only bought whilst getting one of the Captured Tracks mailorder bundles so as not to suffer crippling prices on 7"s, but this has probably taken up more time on my stereo than alot of the CT releases i own. I was trying to work out what they sound like too. Some bands are so distinguishable by their relation to other bands its hard not to compare but German Measles only bring to mind other bands as reference through attitude more so than sound. I hear The Ramones, Television Personalities & The Beatles but dont expect it to sound like any of them.

The recordings on here are pretty basic, maybe a few mics going into a 4-track in a practice room i imagine, but it really captures everything you need, and the songs still shine through. I dont see this as being 'lo-fi' for the sake of it, just good songs recorded as a demo which someone, rightly so, decided to put out on tape, which is what tapes are perfect for. Would you feel ripped off with this quality on an expensive piece of vinyl? I dunno?

Also i should make mention of the cover which is a cut to size paper photocopy but it seems each one has been customised by a fan of felt tip pens and wavy lines, nice. Get this along with their superior quality recordings on the 6 song 12" Captured Tracks issued last year.

Side One

  1. Monkey Me Monkey You
  2. It Could Happen
  3. Turn On Tune In Wipe Out
  4. Wake Up For The Weekend
Side Two

  1. We Want You
  2. Japanese Beetles
  3. It's Me Babe
  4. Mosco Beetles

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