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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Kommie Kilpatrick - Weird City (self released)

I think everyone needs a few dumb punk records in their collection, maybe the 'Cretin Rock' of the Ramones or the majority of NoFX's back catalogue, a little Angry Samoans or some modern dude punk like Mean Jeans and Personal & The Pizza's. Either way I get cravings for a bunch of peeps not taking themselves too seriously, just kicking out some good, simple, short fast and loud punk/hardcore.

Kommie Kilpatrick from Detroit, Michigan sent me this tape which is full of song titles like 'Bad News Beers' and 'Skate, Die, Stink' which makes me smile as they stumble from tune to tune. The one thing that came to mind repeatedly was Red Kross 'Born Innocent' era with that angry youth attack.

This is not anything new, but that's not why i listen to this stuff. I listen to it as it makes me happy on that long walk to work and occasionally pushes me to give a little fist pump when i think no-one else is looking.


Kommie Kilpatrick - Weird City

  1. 2 Girls 2 Fuck
  2. Amateur Cool
  3. Crash Your Car
  4. (I Don't Wanna) Get Stabbed Tonight
  5. Friday Night
  6. Bad News Beers
  7. I Need Dinner
  8. Outta Here
  9. Runnin Wild!
  10. Skate, Die, Stink
  11. Creature of Habit
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