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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Teeth - Jammers 2008-2009 (Milk)

I'm totally down with Teeth!!! I hope that with the arrival of their 1st 7" on Moshi Moshi they will get the chance to play to more people and have large crowds of indie/punk/rave kids dancing to their tunes. Coming out of the recent lo-fi explosion from the UK, but instead of the standard 3 piece power trio of guitar, bass and drums that is taking over, Teeth!!! have Veronica on vocals, Ximon on Laptop and Simon on drums, albeit a stripped back kit with an electronic kick. The first time i saw them they had an audience of Brighton/London punks dancing their socks off. Infectious and aggressive.

I came away thinking it was like the glory days of Troubleman and Dim Mak records when indie kids were experimenting with electronics but bringing their punk ideals and spirit forwards, like the Numbers and Erase Errata split record or the Tigerbeat 6 record label.

This is their debut tape which is all the early recordings, home demos and practice rehearsals which are still exciting to listen to, just a little more fractured and damaged than their new tracks. These 10 tracks are pretty psychedelic in the meltdown and punk in their delivery and if they are not making you dance around the bedroom, they will harshing your mellow in the best kind of way.

The only minor criticism i have is that the tape is just that, a tape. It had no artwork and was just a green tape in a clear case with the song titles written on the side in pen, which have already been rubbed off, hence the lack of song titles for everything below. It's a minor gripe for an awesome tape.

Buy from www.milkrecords.bigcartel.com/

  1. If I Ever
  2. Who's Afraid of Detroit
  3. Detox Wigga
  4. EarBlower
  5. Hulk Dash
  6. Dorks
  7. Total ??? Lay
  8. ??
  9. Dead Boys
  10. ???

Video of song for new 7" on moshi moshi


  1. I would just like to say that you have to most awesome blog I have ever seen. EVER!.

  2. thanks Gert! i real glad you dig!