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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dum Dum Girls - Blissed Out (Art Fag)

I'm pretty sure that this sold out almost immediately on pre-orders, impressive for 300 copies of a so called dead format. It did help that these copies were only available from Art Fag Records (who have released Graffiti Island, Crocodiles, Pens and Ye Olde Maids etc) and special ltd tape colours were given to Sub Pop and Rough Trade records, good company by any standards.

This tape has not yet left my bag since i got it, heavy rotation will soon become worn out tape if I'm not careful. I fell for the DDG's like everyone else after her first 12" EP which stood out above the hoards of lo-fi releases that get online hype, with catchy as hell songs lying under a layer of fuzz and reverbed out vox. We have all those tunes on this tape, with songs from all her first releases, splits and comps and a few extras, including Delta 5 and Black Tambourine covers. In fact the only negative about this grey cassette, is that i thought it would have cover of G.G Allins 'Don't Talk To Me' on it, which is by far away the best G.G cover to grace my ears and is totally made her own. It's a small gripe, I'll get over it.

If you see this for sale, buy it before it becomes ebay gold, which it probably is already. If not, just tape it off a friend and photocopy the cover like we used to do.

Side A

Ship of Love
Hey Sis
Throw Aggi
Let It Be Me
Mercury Mary

Side B

Brite Futures
Put a Sock In It
Dream Away Life

get from www.artfagrecordings.blogspot.com or from Rough Trade (UK) or Sub Pop (US)

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