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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Personal & The Pizzas - Raw Pie (Burger Records)

It's funny how much the cover of this tape tells you about the music contained on this tape. Firstly, these guys love pizza enough to write songs about it, include it in the band name and on the front cover. They also love The Stooges and take influence from them and The Ramones equally. The are either really funny or totally ridiculous, again probably in equal measures!

The tape kicks of with the man himself, Personal, introducing himself and the first track, which he does inbetween many of the tracks, and even going so far as to explain that he can read on the track 'I Can Read'. No hidden meanings in these tracks! As they have stated themselves on their myspace page, 'ONE RAMONES RIFF + ONE STOOGES RIFF + REALLY DUMB WORDS' which is a good enough distillation of this singles compilation.

Straight from the first song on this tape, The Pizzas let you know that they can shred, with the guitarist shredding like James Williams did on 'Search & Destroy'and then they can drop down to a more mid paced tune, like 'I Want You Around' or any number of slower Ramones numbers. I hate the fact that most of this review is mentioning the 2 influences they self reference, but i would find it hard to describe it in any other way? New Jersey surburban dumb punk made by the tall elder brother in Everybody Loves Raymond inbetween mouthfulls of meatballs??

Recommended for pizza parties, sleepovers and short drives.

Personal & The Pizzas - Raw Pie (Burger Records)

  1. I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza
  2. I Dont Feel So Happy Now No More
  3. I Can Read
  4. I Aint Takin You Out
  5. Brass Knuckles
  6. Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me
  7. Knuckles #02
  8. Pizza Army
  9. Tearjerker
  10. Never Find Me
  11. 7.99 For Love
  12. Pepperoni Eyes
  13. Dont You Go in That Ground
  14. Toss That Pie

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