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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Workin' Man Noise Unit - Drinkin' Stella To Make Music To Drink Stella To

This tape came through the post last week, which on first glance had that piss-take look to it, with a naked dude on the cover, hand scribbled beer jokes in the insert and a Stella based play on the classic Spacemen 3 album name. I didn't expect a groovy version of the Melvin's when i threw the tape on though? I think i was expecting some stupid fast punk band based on thecover, instead we get some classic mid 90's pigfuck noise punk ala Melvin's, Tad, Hammerhead and whoever else graced the Amphetemine Reptile label. I think the best update on this sound has to be Pissed Jeans last 3 faultless records, and whilst these 6 songs pack less of a punch, they will no doubt be be a new band to check out for peeps who miss those noise-y AmRep days.

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