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Friday, 19 August 2011

The Hipshakes - Sounds We Found (Scotch Tapes)

The second album from Derby garage punk kids that was only released on tape by the lovely Scotch Tapes a year or two ago. It has been in my review pile for a while, and i had forgotten that they really speed through their tracks, no psych breakdowns here. I love the group chant vocals over chaotic and fast three chord jams, which sounds like a hardcore band who picked up a Pebbles Box set instead of the obligatory Black Flag / Dead Kennedys LP's.

I don't know if this came out on vinyl, some Internet snooping suggests not, which is a shame, as these speedy garage punk tracks would fit in with both fans of Black Lips and Circle Jerks. Time someone made a tape of all their out of print 7"s maybe?

Side A

Lets Get Acquainted
I'm Alright
Wasted Time
Real Woman
I Try
Days of Destiny

Side B

Not Like I've Had before
Five Years Time
I hate Hipshakes
Stuck In This Life
Now We Know
Bruces Party Song
Rovin Down The River

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